Andrea Guajardo

BScArch, MSc Transport Planning and the Environment
Landscape Designer

After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from the Universidad de Monterrey, Andrea spent five years working in Landscape Architecture in Nuevo León, Mexico. She spent a year as an Architectural Designer incorporating sustainable designs and recycled materials into commercial projects in Coahuila, Mexico before winning the CONACYT Abroad Scholarship and moving to Leeds, England to pursue a Master of Science degree in Transport Planning and the Environment. While there, Andrea was able to expand her knowledge of environmental science and honed her skills in data collection and analysis. Her dissertation, “The effect of ‘fear of crime’ in Transport. A Gender Approach Research” focused on women’s travel behavior in order to advocate for gender-informed policy implementation.

Andrea is interested in using urban and landscape design as part of a set of tools to shape her environment into accessible and high-quality spaces. She believes landscape architecture has a very important role in providing spaces that enhance social cohesion, a connection to nature, and creating more resilient and sustainable cities.